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Physician Anesthesia Service, P.C. (PAS) is a group of physicians specializing in the practice of Anesthesiology. We provide intra-operative anesthesia and peri-operative care including postoperative pain management. Our group has provided service to Lansing and Mid-Michigan for 40 years through our practice with the Sparrow Health System.

Our philosophy:

We are committed to providing state of the art care to our patients, combining compassion, vigilance and knowledge to guide our patients safely and efficiently through their operative course.

Our profile:

Founded in 1969 with 4 Physicians we have grown to 24 physicians covering both of Sparrows campuses. Our services include pre-surgical anesthetic consultation, intra-operative anesthesia and postoperative pain management. We provide anesthesia for cardiac, neurosurgery, vascular, pediatric, gynecologic and general surgery. We also supply anesthetic service for off site cases such as endoscopy, cardiology and radiology procedures.